The 4 Steps to Building a Big-Love Big-Money Brand

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“You’ve got a brilliant idea/offer/product. You’ve invested in a ton of programs to build your business. But your dollars still don’t match your sense. Let’s fix that.”

— Jennifer Kem

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You (want to) love your business – but it ain’t bringin’ in the cash.

(And, to be honest, it’s driving you a little nuts.)

Day after day, the same thoughts flash through your mind:

“I follow all the steps/best practices/SEO tips/sales funnels/social media tips from the pros. Why am I barely seeing results?”


“I hear about the ‘power of story’ when it comes to my brand. But what does that really mean anyway?”


“I’m just as good – if not better – than the big shots in my industry. Why are they making it, and I’m not?


“I’ve tried every trick and formula, but I just feel exhausted. Should I just give up?”


“I guess quitting this “day job” won’t happen anytime soon, because I don’t know if it’s worth the struggle anymore.”

Look:You are not confused. (Seriously.) It’s just that there’s so much dang information on how to build a product and market the “right” way, it can make you dizzy. Add to that, there are big-time brands out there killing it so hard, you think there’s no room for you.

I’m here to tell you that’s not real. I can teach you how to cut through the noise and rise into a place of authenticity, audacity and action that the people waiting for you (whether they know it yet or not) are going to become obsessed with.

The hustle is real. But the struggle doesn’t have to be. There’s nothing wrong with hustle if it’s paired with heart, and focused on the essentials that move the needle forward and make you stand out as an original.

Because when you’re paid to be you, you stop running in place. You step forward – and everyone’s head turns to watch you move.



Now, it’s time to get back to what really matters, what will really make you money doing you. It’s time to uncover the beating heart, soul, and spirit of YOU and your brand. It’s time to be SEEN, by your dream clients, your right readers, and the whole world.

It’s time to Get Paid to Be You
Let’s do this. A Unique Online Workshop that’s All About You


RSVP below, and we’ll save your seat.

We max out at 500 attendees each event so secure your spot now!

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Jennifer Kem
Brand Strategist and Marketing Expert

In my 17+ years building 6 and 7 figure brands for myself and my clients, I run into this issue time and time again. Smart, soulful should-be-successful entrepreneurs are stuck in one spot. They’re worn out, burnt out, and they don’t know how to fix it.

People are marketing to you that “hustle” isn’t required – that hustle is the reason you’re hurting.  No, that’s not the reason.  It’s because you’re doing too many things that don’t matter.  And it’s making you question the love you have for your work game.

The reality is this: if you can’t find the answers to your obstacles… you’re just not asking the right questions.

But when you ask those right Q’s?
The shift that happens will blow your mind.

It all starts with a proven, 4 step system to building a brand that makes solid bank and mega-meaning:

Find your archetype – because getting to your WHY and honoring your own journey will unlock your brand’s significance and impact

Discover, meet, and call out to your audience – all this talk about “ideal client” means so little if you don’t use it right. Let’s bust out who they REALLY are, and how get them to finally pay you

Design your aesthetics – your brand is more than a gorgeous face; it’s a 6-sensory experience that, when blended with your archetype and audience, makes for a knockout combination.

Activate your awesome  – action activates the dream. I’ll teach you how you can tip your momentum radically forward and stay motivated to do so. (Let’s just put it this way: conscious cash is a tasty carrot)

Telling your right story to your right people is how you make your goals happen.

It’s how you change the world, too. The mega profit is just a happy side effect. : )
So let’s uncover what your story is – live on the line.

This isn’t one of those fluffy, generic, marketing webinars that choke up your newsfeed and confuse your next steps, or feed you pipe dreams of making “6 figures in 6 weeks”.

I’m here to teach you the for-real deal on how to build a brand that will stand the test of time, make plenty of cash flow, and get you recognized as an expert for your talents & gifts. It’s going to take some sweat equity on your part, but you’re going to actually love “the work” because you will be moving from tactics that don’t fit to strategies that fit into your unique brand.

You’re going to get 100% actionable content that you can implement immediately. I guarantee it.

If you’re ready to get real results, I’m ready to show you what I know works.

You deserve to be Paid to Be You.

RSVP below, and we’ll save your seat.

We max out at 500 attendees each event so secure your spot now!

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